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Time to Detox

After the festivities, the skin can start to show the effects of too much stress and over exposure to UV. One of the side effects of stress and UV exposure on the skin is an accumulation of dead skin cell build up, resulting in a dull, flat, lacklustre complexion.


Throughout the month of January, exfoliation will play a key role in achieving and maintaining a healthy, glowing complexion. Revitalisant and Earth Enzyme Exfoliant both utilise salicylic acid to breakdown accumulated dead skin cell build up on the surface of the skin and within the pores by loosening the bonds that link dead skin cells. Both products deliver an effective and thorough exfoliation for a brighter and clearer complexion and allow products to absorb and work better on the skin. Professional Enzyme Exfoliant is a great side dish treatment that combines salicylic acid, papain and pineapple to extract effectively breakdown dead skin cell build up, cleanse the pores and instantly brighten the skin for superior results immediately after the facial.

Ask your Ella Baché Skin Therapist to recommend the exfoliant product best suited to your skin, so you can be reveal glowing, radiant skin.

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